Allow me a few minutes to tell you a little about SHP Publishing. Our mission is to serve as your self-publishing consultant/broker to provide specialized services for aspiring authors from beginning to end.  So if you have NEVER written a book but desire to do so, I can assist you! If you are an expert author and need someone to provide specialize services, we can help you as well.  Our services include manuscript creation and formation, 3-tier editing, proofreading, consulting, ISBN acquisition, uniquely created front and back covers, copyright acquisition, on-line catalog distribution, ghost writing, e-book and final hardcopy/softcopy book formation, printing, and publishing. 

The reason I started it was because I was an aspiring author who had written my first book yet was experiencing difficulty finding someone to publish it through traditional means (the process is quite tedious and it is all in WHO you know - not how good your work is). I figured that if I was having so much difficulty then many other authors were experiencing it as well. So, I learned and mastered the process of publishing and birthed the vision of Soaring High Productions.    Now, I am a bestselling author - my book, "Know Your Worth! (Overcoming the dragon of Low Self-Esteem)"  ranked high in three different categories on the Bestsellers' List:  5th in Emotions, 7th in Women Studies, and 7th in Gender Studies.  Now, I am assisting others authors fulfill their dreams of authorship and hopefully reach bestseller status as well.


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